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Abu Dhabi Sea Port Authority United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Sea Port Authority

The region's continuing prosperity is mainly due to its massive oil reserves , with Abu Dhabi possessing 95% of the U.A.E.'s resources. About 2.4 million barrels are pumped every day and experts predict that the Emirate - the world's 10th largest oil producer - has reserves for the next 200 years.

Abu Dhabi also controls the largest share of the U.A.E's gas reserves, with an increasing amount of natural gas being processed for export. A huge investment programme is underway to upgrade both oil refineries and gas processing systems especially on Das Island, from which liquefied natural gas is exported.

Historically, the Emirate owes much of its wealth to pearls from the Gulf, so it was fitting that the sea also yielded the U.A.E's next precious commodity -"Black Gold".
Abu Dhabi continues to go from strength to strength, with the ever increasing number of sky-scrapers dominating the city's stunning skyline acting as testimony to its success.

Traders and businessmen in the Abu Dhabi Emirate had seen difficult days before the construction of Port Zayed. Finding it impossible to enter the shallow waters of the Abu Dhabi beach, the cargo ships used to dock about 8km away from the coast and unload their shipments on barges and small dhows which then transported the cargo to the beach.

This was a labourious and costly job for the importers, exporters and the shipowners due to the high cost of loading and unloading and the long periods that ships had to stay out in the sea, particularly when bad weather delayed the arrival of barges, and due to slow handling process.

The history of Mina Zayed (or Port Zayed) is the history of the UAE Federation. The construction of this Port started in 1968 in fulfillment of the directives of His Highness Sh. Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, in his capacity as ruler of Abu Dhabi Emirate at that time. However, the Port was officially inaugurated by His Highness Sh. Zayed in 1972 in his capacity as the President of the UAE.

Port Zayed as the main gate of the Abu Dhabi Emirate to the outside world extends valuable services to a wide range of private and public sectors including the shipping lines, shipping agents, importers, businessmen and other port users.

The unique location of the Port with its great potential allows it to play a major role in the Gulf region and the Middle East. The total area of the Seaport is 510 hectares in addition to 1000 square meters being the area of the Free Port. Port Zayed has presently 21 berths with individual depths varying between 9.5 and 15 meters, allowing the arrival of all types of commercial trans-ocean ships.

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